Product Monetization for SaaS Companies

We are your product monetization team. We provide ongoing user research, monetization expertise and tools to help you establish a world-class monetization process.

What you'll get

Professional Research

Everything we do starts with customer research. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to uncover insights, validate assumptions and conduct pricing studies. This research is used to build customer personas, and uncover monetization opportunities.

Evaluation & Prioritization

Based on insights from research, we identify monetization opportunities and evaluate them based on their impact on revenue, confidence and cost of implementations. We then prioritize the opportunities in collaboration with your team.


During the implementation phase, we assist your team with design, testing and deployment of experiments and initiatives.

This includes sharing best practices, running usability testing and setting up reporting & analytics.

Our clients typically see up to 40% increase in additional MRR per year once they partner with us.



Well researched customer personas will help you better align the value your products generate to your customer segments. By providing more value, you can justify higher price and therefore increase  average revenue per account (ARPA) and customer lifetime value (LTV).

Grow Free-to-Paid / Trial-to-Paid Conversions

Ongoing, research-based, experiments will help you with optimizations to customer purchase flow, which in turn lead to higher conversions to paid.

Grow Sales

Well researched and designed pricing & packaging reduces friction in the sales process for both PLG sales or direct sales. Simpler pricing, that matches your ideal customer profile, gets more customers through the funnel at a better conversion rate, generating more sales in the process.

Who is this for?

  • SaaS Companies with a clear product market fit
  • Companies with no monetization or research team
  • Companies with 100s of customers with $250K+ MRR

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