Hi, I'm John Kotowski.

I specialize in B2B SaaS Product Monetization



Welcome to Buyerson Inc., where my passion and expertise in scaling SaaS companies come to life. With a decade-long journey as a Head of Product, I played a key role in the success of three companies (Chango, Tulip, Format), leading to two acquisitions totaling over $140M and securing more than $50M in venture capital funding. My leadership role at Format, a company without a sales team, underscored the essential link between product development and revenue generation. This experience allowed me to master the art of driving revenue through product innovation, resulting in an ability to forecast MRR growth with over 90% accuracy.

After Format's sale in 2021, I founded Buyerson Inc. to share my insights and methods with more SaaS companies. As a boutique consulting and research firm, I specialize in assisting B2B SaaS companies in the $5M-50M range. My services are centered around customer research, optimized pricing and packaging, and implementing Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategies. At Buyerson Inc., I am committed to helping you transform your product's value into measurable revenue, ensuring your business thrives and grows.


The inception of Buyerson Inc. revealed a fascinating insight: the SaaS pricing arena, predominantly steered by consulting, is primed for a wave of product innovation. This realization sparked the creation of PricingSaaS, the inaugural product from the innovative minds at Buyerson Inc. labs. PricingSaaS is designed to deliver seamless pricing intelligence. It keeps a vigilant eye on industry dynamics, evolving with the market. With features like real-time alerts and insightful pricing analytics, PricingSaaS is at the forefront of transforming how SaaS companies approach and refine their pricing strategies.

Software to power effortless SaaS pricing insights:

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Following the launch of PricingSaaS, it became clear that the data and insights gathered offer a significant advantage in streamlining common tasks essential to clients' pricing strategy. Understanding that some teams may need additional support due to constraints in time or expertise, we have developed affordable, pre-packaged services. These services are tailored to enhance your strategy by leveraging the rich data and intelligence sourced from PricingSaaS, ensuring that every aspect of your pricing approach is informed, efficient, and effective.

Rapid research services for nimble teams:

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"Since our last meeting, your involvement has been incredibly beneficial – we achieved an important milestone by increasing our conversion rate from 0.5% to 2-3%."

- Stéphane Turbide, COO, Maket Technologies inc.

"Big shoutout to Buyerson Inc.! After following their audit tips, we flipped from losing MRR to soaring over 30% growth this summer. Totally changed the game for us!"

- Sathish Bala, Founder & CEO, Schoolio

"John has been instrumental in Format achieving 40% MRR growth. He played a critical role as we scaled towards an acquisition"

- Lukas Dryja, Founder & CEO, Format

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